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So its been a while since I posted. Here's the run down: I got to Seattle 4 days ago after spending 6 days driving 2987 miles across the United States. I got to add Iowa and Nebraska to my list of states that I have been to. I think the drive across Wyoming was my favorite part as the view was beautiful. I'll post pictures on facebook sooner or later. The highlite of the trip was the last day outside of Pendleton Oregon where mom and I decided to stop at the WildHorse Casino. We spent $30 at the penny slots and walked away with $103! We're generally lucky at the slots and Dad is taking us to Las Vegas for Christmas this year, so I'm excited.

So the whole Vegan thing with my aunt would be better if she didn't insist on cooking every meal. I HATE homemade Chinese food, I just do. Vietnamese, Thai, and Lao food I'm okay with, but I can't stand Chinese food. Especially vegan chinese food. She has these imitation Oyster and Fish sauces, and has made me each Seitan and probably a million pounds of tofu. Oh, and she made homemade chocolate soybean milk for me, which tasted like water with chalk and a few soybeans thrown in with a lite carob (EEEWWWW) syrup. On the plus side, Biscuit has decided that she likes my aunt and now spends half of the day playing with her. I can also walk my dogs off leash as there's not really anywhere for them to go and they're too scared of being abandoned to let me out of their sights.

I'll update more later, but I'm tired. But on the plus side, I can now stalk Crabfishermen... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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So, somewhere between my last day of work and now, Snowmaggeddon happened. After sticking a measuring tape in the snow, I found the smallest drifts were 19" and the largest were 35". It was fun walking the dogs because Biscuit was just loving it and digging tunnels and jumping in piles but Hastings just gave me a look that said "uhh... what the fuck is this?". He tried to follow Biscuit but where she has the magic touch of staying on top of snow, he sinks. He came out as a giant white fluffy snowball and pretty much won't go near it ever since.

But now we're at Snomaggeddon part 2, and it started 2 hours ago and we're already at 3 inches. Ugh. I hope the power doesn't go out again. But at least it has covered the insane amount of yellow snow in the yard....

If I don't have to work tomorrow, I'm going into DC with my sled and sledding down the Lincoln memorial. Apparently its been designated the best 'hill' along with the National Art Gallery. If she doesn't have class, perhaps I can convince Esther to go with me. Also, I find it alarming that while watching school and business closings scroll on tv, that one was "FEDERAL GOVERNMENT-CLOSED"... I hope no one picks this week to invade. Lol, somewhere in Russian, Putin is going "yes, its the perfect time and weather conditions- I'll give you a cold war!"... Yeah, that's how bored I am.

Also, I need to start exercising because I'm starting to get fatter... and I don't want to bring the dishonor.... or as my mother says "You never gonna get husband because you fat!"
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I really wish that I had friends here. I spend 40+ hours a week at work, come home, sit on the couch, talk to my dogs, sleep, and occasionally spend time with my parents. I can count on one hand the number of times I have hung out with someone since I've moved here. I can't really talk at work either because we're so busy and the only other person in the front office with me is a single 32 year old man who plays D&D... yeah, not much to talk about there. Ugh, I guess I'm just frustrated that I don't have anyone to talk to that isn't covered in fur

My mom is on my case because she's discovered (or rediscovered because I thought we already had this conversation) that my Burberry coat is missing. The last time I remember having it was in April in Atlanta. I remember hanging it in my closet but somehow, I don't have it anymore. There are numerous reasons as to how this could have possibly occured, but all of that aside, I am now minus one expensive coat and my mother has yet another thing to yell at me about.

I'm sick of this city, I want to move on. But once I move on I once again start the cycle over and reset for the next move.
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I am sick. Yay. It's not that bad, just a headache and a fever. I just didn't want to go into work and be cold in the front room all day and get the other two sick.

My parents signed the Civic over to me (finally) and now I'm on the quest to trade it in for an Element. So if all goes according to plan, I'll have a more room and an essential tent on wheels (did you know that the seats fold down and line up for form a flat sleeping surface???). It also has a bunch of room for the dogs in the cross country drive-o-doom and it won't be too cramped therefore my mother won't complain as much (hopefully).

Ah, I have also learned that my aunt will be out of town for a whole month (April 10th-May 10th), so that means... well, I guess I'll just be alone in a house for a month. Yay

I'm kind of hoping against hope that there will be cool people in my program. Judging by the message board, probably not, but it would be nice to have someone to hang out with. *le sigh* I think I'm half way to crazy dog lady already.

Okay, I'm off to cook.
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Work has been interesting lately. Yesterday I was going through this random pile of stuff that a woman dropped off and she didn't know what any of it was and didn't care about any of it. While indeed most of it was junk that we put into the 'donate' pile, I found a cartridge that goes into an antique turn table that is selling on ebay from $500-1000. That's a hefty chunk of change for a 'junk' pile.

Thankfully this job has given me a huge insight into antiques, china, and collectibles, and in particular- what sells and what does not sell. This is hugely helpful as I plan to continue doing this type of work in Seattle, but for myself instead of someone else. It means a lot of yardsale and antique store/ flea market runs, but thats a okay with me.

Biscuit and Hastings are both sick. They are on antibiotics and already looking up, but at night they want snuggles, and Hastings has literally been sleeping in my arms like a teddy bear. He's very warm and fluffy, so its okay with me.

Move time to Seattle has been moved up and I leave March 18th for the long drive across the country. It's not too bad as I've done it twice before. I've already started classes at Green River and I'm the only girl in both of my classes. Agnes has definately made me feel like I'm up on a pedestal because in our class discussions I always feel like everyone is an idiot... which they are as they clearly are not thinking out their answers.

Speaking of Agnes, one of our customers (an adorable old man named Chet) saw my ring today and launched into a story about how he taught at Emory during the 70s and taught at Agnes for a semester. His mother, sister, and both nieces went to Agnes and his oldest niece has his mother's ring, so instead of getting a new one at the ring ceremony, she had her class year put under her grandmothers and hopes her daughter will continue the trend. I thought that was awesome.

Okay, I'm off to give my puppies some snuggles and hold them because they fall asleep and feel comfortable when I do and I want them to get better.
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*sigh* Okay, here it is

New Decade Resolutions
1.) Get fit- because I'm a lazy asshole who doesn't have an excuse to sit on her ass right now.
2.) Lose Weight- this goes along with #1, but I feel that living with crazy vegan aunt will help with this for the next year
3.) Be more careful with who I place my trust in. Most of the time, I'm pretty good about it, but then there are times where I'm a bit flabbergasted and find myself a few thousand dollars poorer paying for someone elses changed mind.
4.) Be at the top of my class at Green River and at the FAA Academy so I can have my choice of stations.
5.) Be a better mommy to Biscuit and Hastings. Working full time has left me very tired and I don't play with them enough and I feel guilty. But Washington will be better
6.) Stop relying on my parents
7.) Buy my Aston Martin Volante (most likely at the end of the decade)
8.) Ignore boys until I am where I want to be in my career. This past year I had to deal with 3 boys. The first ended up being a weirdo who still to this day won't leave me alone and says he's in love with me. The second asked me to marry him and eventually came here to ask me but couldn't see things from my point of view. The last was a summer fling who makes me a bit pukey feeling to think about... ewww
9.) Volunteer and donate more- I haven't had a chance to do volunteer work in a long time, nor do I have a lot of excess money to donate as I did during college and high school (who buys $30 of bleach every month for PAWS now that I don't live in Atlanta :(
10.) Go where ever the wind takes me. It hit me a while ago that I've spent most of my life hating the fact that my dad dragged me all across the US, while in reality, I know I'll never stop wandering. Everyone on both sides of my family has horrible wanderlust and I know I do to.

And now I need to get back to work ^_^

I forgot 2 things
11.) Set aside enough money to provide a scholarship at Agnes
12.) Start distilling my own rum- yes, I will get a license ($100 in Washington ^_^)
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I am alive... I think. I have not died and run off, I just haven't been on lj.

I got a job. I work for an ebay consignment center. This means we sell stuff for people on ebay. A lot of people bring in junk, but they leave with it too as we do not take anything that won't sell for over $30. But we specialize in china and antiques. It's a lot of computer data entry/ cataloguing work, but it is fun. I also get to do photography, and photographing depression glass on black backrounds with professional cameras is fun. My favorite things I've done so far are: 1.) A Ukelele a woman bought at a garage sale for $25 that we sold for $4250 (apparently its a rare type) 2.) All the jewelery because its pretty 3.) A Salvador Dali sketch that I'm going to bid on when it goes up. I've also done about 150 porcelain dolls and a mega load of collectors Barbies.

On my last day at nvcc, two guys in my class asked me for dates. That would be the 4th time this semester and I turned them down. One, because he was 18 and that just creeps me out, but the other because he was the fucking annoying know-it-all that I tried to kill with my glares all semester. Boys are stupid; I'm not giving them a second glance until I move to Seattle.

I've taken to reading Star Trek slash to cure me of boredom... don't mock me as I make fun off myself enough... but mmmmm kirk/spock *drool* (Stop rolling your eyes Stone, I can see you doing that from here ^_~)

It snowed a lot here. I'm putting a picture of Biscuit in the snow on here and the rest are on fb.
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The Picture (aka one long ass post)

I have a picture of a man on my bedside table. Besides my dreamcatcher that was made for me by a Ojibwa when I was seven, it has been the only thing that has had a constant spot no matter where I lived for the past five years. No matter who sees it- a friend, a boyfriend, someone passing through, a classmate, etc, they all ask who he is. Is he a boyfriend? Is he a family member? I always laugh at boyfriend (since its normally boys who ask me this with a jealous/possessive tone) and smile sadly at family member.

I met Tommy when I was a freshman in highschool. I was not popular- infact I can clearly remember students who would save their lunches to throw at my brother and I and yell things like "go back to China" and "we don't wants west coast hippies here". Needless to say, middle school and highschool were hell enough but being in a minority in Ohio didn't make it any easier. I didn't have many friends and I didn't have anyone to confide in as my parents attitudes were "what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger" and "only you can make yourself feel insignificant", which is hard to deal with when you're drenched in someone elses coke or milk. I decided to take up a sport with a good friend and soon, I had Tommy- a tennis coach I had met through group lessons who later became my private coach.

For three years, he taught me tennis. I went from not starting on JV my first year to first doubles on varsity my second year, and number one singles and Captain of the Team by my senior year. I had group lessons with him 4-6 hours a week and private lessons 2-4. During the summer and tennis season, I would be around him upwards of 20 hours a week and there were times I saw him more than my parents and my friends. He would come and visit me at work and come watch our tennis matches. When I was being harassed by a teacher my junior year of high school he would listen to me complain with a frown on his face and always told me to pretend my overheads were the guy's head. I'll admit it- I had a silly little crush on him, but most girls have crushes on older guys at that age and I know I wasn't alone. Whenever I was feeling down, he would would gossip about this girl on the team that he knew I couldn't stand and how horrible she was (she was always trying to be number one but was awful). Another girl told everyone on the team that I was a lesbian when they found out that I was going to a women's college and that I was a satan worshiper because I didn't follow Jesus. He told me that it was okay if I was a lesbian (which I'm not, but it makes me smile knowing that he would be okay with it) and that I didn't need to listen to people like her because he was pretty sure the bible was pretty specific about judging others. He got me bright green strings with silver sparkles once time because he said they matched my hair (which was green at the time). I had just shattered a racquet in anger and he called me his little MacEnroe.

Senior year tennis season came and went. It was a particularly horrible season as I had to play doubles with the girl who called me a lesbian/satanworshipper and as she was a sophmore at the time, she purposely threw our regionals match so I couldn't advance. Tommy was dating our high school tennis coach, and they said they would try to stop by our homecoming dance and crash it for a little while. I know I was looking forward to it and I know a bunch of girls on the team were looking forward to it also. As the night wore on, I found myself getting annoyed with him for not showing up and by the end of it, I was angry with him. I was hitting with him the next morning, so I would probably hide his racquet like we always did when we were pissed at him. God, I look back at pictures of that night and see the Fab 4 (the 4 of us who took group lessons together) dancing together and just looking beautiful and young and wonder where those days went. I also think I look a bit too thin as I was at 135 in those pictures... no where near where I am now.

My phone rang at 7 o'clock the next morning and I was pissed. I wasn't hitting the courts until 9, so I had time to sleep in after a long night of dancing. It was Katie and she was crying. It was hard to make out what she was saying and the only thing I could say back was a stoic "okay" before I hung up the phone.

Tommy died while we were at homecoming. A lifelong epileptic, he had a stroke while taking a bath and drown. He was 32 years old.

I keep his picture by my bedside to remind me of a few things. First, don't live a life of regret and don't half ass it because you never know when your time will be up. Second, cherish the moments you have with the people you love because you never know if you will see them again. Third, there is life after death. The week after he died, child protective services showed up at the high school to talk to me about the teacher who had been harrassing me. They told me Tommy had phoned them and left them a complaint a few weeks before. I knew he was still looking after me. And last, live for yourself. I thought when I thought about quitting the tennis team at Agnes that I was letting him down. I stayed, despite being clearly unhappy. I finally realized that my happiness and my life was more important than a game, and that the sport that I had had loved with him wasn't the same. I wasn't letting him down by quitting, I was letting him down by being unhappy. I have been much better since walking off the courts and strapping on skates. When I block or hit people I swear I can still hear him saying "pretend it's Mr. Brown and beat the shit out of it".

That is the story of the man in my picture by my bedside. Tommy, I loved you in life and I honor and remember you now in death.
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Life is just kind of blah right now. I'm watching roller derby on MavTV and really missing the feeling of whipping around that track. I also miss being in shape and being able to get out there and run those three miles without my shins or lower back hurting. Argh! Well, I'm working on it- at least, I'm working on it when it isn't raining like crazy outside.

I think Captain Hastings has asthma. He keeps on having these insane weezing attacks and they freak me out. If its not asthma, then he's allergic to the Avoderm. I took him off of it yesterday so I'm looking to see if he has another attack. I don't want him to be sick because he is such a cuddle muffin. I literally lay down on the couch and he's curled up into a ball next to my side in 5 seconds. He's warm and fluffy!!! He also sleeps under my comforter on my feet at night. Biscuit has taken to sleeping under my arm. Also nice and warm but I'm sure come summer it will no longer be cute.

So my distaste for CC has reached a new high: of the 30 people in my myth class, 3 of us had read for class on Tuesday. It was me, Rochelle, and pretty myth boy- aka the three of us who sit in the back corner together. Well Rochelle is terrified of speaking in front of people so out of thirty people, pretty myth boy and I had to lead the class discussion for 3 hours. Yay... but it's okay, it meant I got to stand close to him and stare at his pretty green eyes, scruffiness, and all around adorablness... *drool*

We went to the beach last weekend. It was nice. Biscuit had a lot of fun.
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Life updates in the form of a list:

1.) Got Biscuit a brother. His name is Captain Hastings, which is the name of Poirot's sidekick in the Agatha Christie novels. He's a red and black Pomeranian and he's very cuddly. He's almost 3 years old and very well behaved (ie no barking, doesn't jump on furniture, etc). The only problem is since he won't bark, if you're not by the front door when he needs to go to the bathroom, he'll run somewhere else and go. Like my bed, or the floor of my room... or Biscuit's little tent. But all and all he's cute.
2.) Biscuit is very jealous of him and territorial of me. Last night I woke up when he jumped up on my bed and was pushing himself under my quilt and cuddled up next to me. Two seconds later, Biscuit decided that if he was going to sleep next to me, than she was going to sleep on top of me so I got a 2 in the morning puppy jump to the stomach. Lovely. They continued to push each other out of the way every few hours waking me up. Tonight he's in his crate because of his peeing problem so I got to sleep... until 4 when I felt guilty and woke up to take my fur children out.
3.) I'm moving to Seattle in the summer. I decided that the grad school thing wasn't for me right now (ie no money to pay off current student loan and I don't want to take out more) so I've applied to one of the Air Traffic Control college programs (there are 31 and the closest one right now is in Baltimore and I'm not making that commute) and got a decent scholarship. I start online courses in January and hope to be done in 1.5 years or 1.25 (theyre on quarters) instead of the normal 2 as it is an associates degree and I can knock a lot of pre req's out of the way. Air traffic control is a government job, so it got benefits and madatory vacation (3-5 weeks a year ^_^)... the median income is also $117,000 (range 85,000-160,000 not including overtime of which there is a lot) after 3-4 years, so I'm all for it. Twenty years of it and then I can retire at 45 and travel everywhere. Huzzah.
4.) The bad thing about moving to Seattle is that I'm living with my aunt who is a vegan... so until I move out, I get to be a vegan.... oh joy
5.) Since I'm going to Seattle, the family is going to road trip out west with me, meaning we get to spend time at Yellowstone and perhaps hit the Washington and Oregon coast. I'm excited about Yellowstone
6.) Moving also means... a new car! My parents are going to keep my civic and I'm going to get an Element in its place. Most likely used, but we are still going to go look at a new one as Honda just released a dog friendly Element that has a pull out ramp for dogs and a build in pull down crate in the trunk space that is ventilated. I can't explain it but it's really cool.
7.) We're going to the beach today. I will update facebook with pictures of puppies on the beach within a few days.

It's 5 in the morning and I'm sleepy. I'm going back to bed. Mmmm Biscuit is already cuddled up into a cute ball next to me. Yay puppies and sleeping
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