September 19th, 2010


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I'm back from my journey back home. It was great to see friends and talk to people who don't make me feel like stabbing myself in the eye. Seeing my family.... well, that wasn't so great, but whatever. Aside from time in the car, I don't think my mom and I spent more than an hour together. I was also sick for the last five days I was there. Yay for pollen giving me sinus infections.

But speaking of sinus infections and the realization that living at home means living with my mom, I am now reconsidering when I'm going to move back to DC. My health has been amazing since I've moved here. There are none of the allergens or pollutants in the air in Seattle that flair up my sinus. In fact, this has probably been the longest I've gone without an infection. I'm also at the gym more often and spend more time with my dogs. There is more to do, and as an outdoorsy person, I love the hiking, skiing, surfing, camping, and everything else that I can do here. When I'm done with my program, I can get a job at REI, Costco, or Amazon as they are all headquartered out here as is Boeing, Starbucks, and Microsoft. So yeah, job really isn't a problem.

On the negative side, I have no friends here. I have people in the program I hang out with, but I don't like them. They're not very bright and just not the quality/class of people that I like to associate with. This is not a comment on socio-economic standing but rather as to how they act and how they treat others. Unfortunately we have all of the same classes, but thankfully I don't have to see them outside of class. I am actually considering turning one of them into the head of the program for cheating. She cheated on every test in out 128 class and I do not want her controlling airspace if she can't pass a class on her own.

Okay, enough with my bitching. I have to go get ready- our first soccer game is tonight and I get to sit on the bench as I am still sick. At least I get to stare at soccer boys since we're in the coed league
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