August 19th, 2010


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Sorry, I'm apparently shitty at updating.

1.) Classes are finally over. Lots of a drama involved at the end of the quarter with one class, but fuck it, I did my part and we got an A in the class. Green river has a shitty grading system where to get a 4.0, you need to have a 99-100% in the class. So my quarter gpa of 3.94 is because I had two 99% and two 98%. So yeah, a 96% is only a 3.6 or some bullshit. Whatever, I don't care. The FAA doesn't look at my grades, only my AT-SAT and GRCC recommendation.

2.) My personal trainer is kicking my ass. I'm going to be limping the next few days. I finally found a good trainer, but she's moving to Denver in two weeks :( I am sad and now must begin the long process of finding a new one. So PT 2x a week, cycling 5x, and soccer practice 2x is a long week. I mean, its not too harsh, but its definitely more than I'm used to. Hopefully I'll see results soon. Oh, and my soccer team is crazy. I thought we were going to be a namby pamby sit around and talk team. Oh no, Joe has us running these damn sprints and I'm working with a keeper coach and dear god, I never want a teenage boy to shoot a ball at me as hard as he can again! Hopefully the weather will cool down too because last practice was at 3 on a fake grass field (ie that black sand shit that made it hotter), and it was 96 degrees out. Booooo

3.) Hastings results came back and drama llama has been adverted. He is 75% Pomeranian and 25% Min Pin. I think the Min Pin part explains his dislike of other dogs. Doesn't explain why he's the laziest yet cuddliest dog ever.

4.) I'll be in DC September 8th-17th. Yay! I cannot wait to cook and consume animal souls. Mmmmm I drool just thinking about it. I am sooooo sick of tofu. I get all vomit-y feeling just looking at it.

5.) I am a little concerned about what I'll be doing in DC until I go to OKC for ATC school. The wait is 1 year+ right now and that makes me worried. I want to get a decent paying government job while I'm there, but at the same time, when my back round check is run, they'll see I have an open bid with the FAA and that's probably going to hurt my chances of getting a job. Grrrrr. Also, my parents don't want me living for them for a prolonged period of time, so I'll need to find an apartment. I think that's ridiculous as they know I'll be gone for 1.5 months in Spain and then 3 months in OKC. Arg!

6.) I need a new fandom to read because I seriously think I've exhausted all good fanfics in the ST:TOS and HP fandoms... and the LotR fandom. Ugh. Well, I could try the HP fandom again but all the good writers disappeared so most of it is shit.

Okay, I'm going to sleep. Cycling tomorrow morning. Yes! Soccer practice Saturday and then I get Sunday off. Wooooooo. Oh! And the ren faire is Sunday, and Lori and I are going. Yay!
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