July 23rd, 2010


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1.) I've been cycling 3-5 times a week and on a calorie restricted diet. Don't know if it's made a difference in the month that it's been going on, but on Tuesday I start my personal training sessions of doom. Ugh. Hopefully I will be in better shape soon. Especially since we got another soccer coach and now its going to be hell. Joy.

2.) The sun has come. Yay. Unfortunately, I'm normally in class while its out so I'm still pasty. Boo.

3.) Might kill my aunt. Which is horrible to say as she is nice enough to let me stay with her and I love her, but seriously, this vegan and 'I know everything about health' bullshit needs to stop. The maniacal evil elf/goblin laugh needs to stop too.

4.) I've slowly begun buying gear for my sojourn across Spain. I'm not sure if I want to go next May or next September. Luckily, I don't think the ticket there will be over $700, especially if I fly a last minute special. Since the alburgues (pilgrim hostels) are subsidized by the Spanish government and the Catholic Church, total food+lodging cost will be under $900. Yay! Anyone want to take 35 days off from whatever they do and join me in a back packing adventure starting in France, crossing the Pyrenees, and crossing Spain? My parents are kicking money my way for this as I've been bugging them about doing it since I was 15.

5.) I'm worried that with the FAA's ATC age extension and the jam up of trainees, that it might be up to 2 years after I graduate from GRCC with my AT-CTI before I get to a Tower/Tracon. *headdesk* Likewise, I'm applying to graduate school so I have something to do for those two years. If I'm sitting around, I might as well get another degree. Either that or I'll get a random government job and just bid my time.

I'm off to shower so that I don't smell like bug spray. Fucking mosquitoes. There's five of the little buggers in this part of the state but I still manage to get bit by them.
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