July 11th, 2010

magic circle

A Dream

Okay, so you can call me crazy (although I'm sure most of you already think I am crazy), but St James appeared to me in a dream last night. At least, I'm pretty sure it was Saint James, but I do suppose it could have been someone else. Before I went to bed last night, I decided that instead of my normal nighttime prayer ritual (betcha didn't know I pray before I go to sleep every night as part of my meditation), I decided to read one of the Homeric Hymms aloud (the first one to Athena). So feeling all good and at peace and whatnot, I drifted off into this crazy dream:
So I'm sitting in my highschool TOK classroom, reading Coehlo's "The Pilgrimage", when I realize no one else is there except this man. He doesn't have to introduce himself, because somehow, I know that he is St. James. He tells me that I'm looking for something and I will find it if I complete the Way of St James (El Camino Santiago de Compostela). Apparently whatever it is, will give me a clearer view of life and I will feel whole. I told him that it wasn't possible because I didn't have the money and it was a dream (I realized I was dreaming?) and on top of that, I didn't believe him. Then he told me he would send me a sign- and when Spain won the World Cup, I would know he was telling the truth. I agreed, and then woke up feeling like I hadn't actually been asleep and that he had been in my room.
I proceeded to turn on my laptop and get on the internets, and the first page I normally check is the updates of all the blogs I read. The first article was about El Camino and St James and nearly had an anuerism. And now Spain has won the World Cup. I guess I better start saving for next summer. On top of that, I read an article a few hours ago on a seperate blog where a few of the players said that if they won the WC, they would take El Camino.

Coincidence or fate? I'm taking a nap, maybe he'll show up and clarify things for me. *snort* and maybe show me where the moolah is for me to get to Spain and pay for Albergues for a month.
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