June 30th, 2010

shut up and fish

Randomness and a Racoon Puppet

1.) Soccer has dominated my life since the WC started. Its a good thing though.
2.) I started doing cycling/spinning classes 4 times a week. If you've never done one before, I suggest it. Stick through it past the first week of vag/ass- pain. It's the best workout I've ever had.
3.) I decided that while the West Coast is beautiful, I can't deal with 3 seasons of gray and one half season of sun. I'm moving back to Virginia in March when I am done with ATC CTI school and asking for a tower or tracon there.
4.) So I'm in bio lab this semester (bc I'm being nice and taking it with Eric so he won't have to take it alone) and my lab group is me, Eric, Russell, and Brandon. Russell is 30 years old, asks stupid questions that he normally answers while asking in an attempt to make him sound smarter and just makes him into a bigger douche, and also walks around with a raccoon puppet on his head. Yes, a puppet. He is 30 and he talks about 'curtis' like he is alive and has feelings. He even went so far as to get snippy with our professor when she asked him to put 'curtis' away for our lab yesterday. I'm going to fucking punch the raccoon off his head and throw it in the garbage.
Now Brandon on the other hand is probably about the same age, from Vietnam (doesn't speak English well), and is either slow or mentally delayed or whatever the PC term is for it. He thinks Eric and I are geniuses and is very slow in completing work, which is irritating because we can't leave until everyone is done. But while he does have delays and obviously does not speak English well, I give him credit because he is in school and trying his hardest to learn despite the challenges he faces. So yesterday, when we had lab, he couldn't find his lab packet (bc the bookstore sold him one that wasn't properly arranged, like someone had shuffled all the pages of two different packets together randomly) and Russell (raccoon boy) yelled at him for being incompetent and said he wouldn't help him go through his lab packet and find all the pages. This led to snuffles coming from Brandon (which nearly made me cry because the guy really does try, he's just slow), so I had to get up from my microscope where Eric and I were trying to find a Daphnia's heart beat, and help Brandon because RACCOON boy was on his high horse. It took ME 30 minutes to find all the pages of the lab because that's how fucked up it was, while Brandon was profusely thanking me in broken English and sniffling because he was so upset. Now he follows me around like a kicked puppy and while I am happy to help, it makes me angry that someone sold him a bad lab packet and that people are so mean to him. I think it irks me because Mom doesn't speak English well and if anyone treated her like people treat Brandon, I would be up in arms about it. Poor guy. I seriously get teary eyed thinking about it. Then I think of all the assholes who are born here who have access to education and just blow it off like it doesn't matter and here's this guy who obviously saved a lot of money to come here and study and get a good education and people treat him like shit. He's under enough pressure from being in a foreign country and being slow, he doesn't need rude people on top of it. Next person who is mean to him is getting a punch in the face from me.
So to make matters worse, Russell (raccoon r-tard) thinks he's Gods gift to Earth and talks about how smart he is. He can't get his fucking microscope to focus on his spirogyra and works on it for 15 minutes. I finally snapped at him and told him I would do it (never mind sorting through Brandon's lab, and doing my own assigned slides) and it literally took me 30 seconds. But now Raccoon guy thinks I like him because I helped him and when I take a break to go to the bathroom, he follows me into the hall and asks me on a fucking date!!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!?!?!?!? I told him he wasn't my type... while glaring daggers at him and I think I probably snarled at him.

Sorry for the rant, but it really upset me. I'm going to swim now and burn off some anger.
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