May 2nd, 2010


Really really long ass post

Life is pretty boring. Its mostly get up, go slave away on the stairmaster, go swim, go to class, come home, play videogames/ walk dogs/ yell at mom/ etc. But every once in a while there is an amazing day. LIKE YESTERDAY!!!!

So I'll admit, its a bit nerdy of my to admit that I went to CatchCon alone (the convention for Deadliest Catch), but I don't care. There were about 500 people there and it was AWESOME. I got to meet all of the Captains and a bunch of the crew members. The Wizard and the Northwestern were both docked outside, so we got to go on a tour of them. The Captains and the Crews both did panels and they were as funny as stand up comedians. I think my favorite was when Josh was talking about the relationship between his father (Oh Phil, how I miss thee :( ) and the camera man (Stanley) on their boat and called them an old married couple and he would literally run into fights like this:
Stanley: Fine! I don't want to make TV right now when you're acting like this! I'm going to my room. We're not going to make TV until you stop!
Phil: I don't want to make TV with you right now either!
(A few hours later, in the kitchen, where Phil is moping)
Josh: What's wrong Dad?
Phil: I think Stanley is mad at me. He doesn't want to talk to me.

It was nice to hear funny stories about Phil. There were more, but I don't want to rant and type forever. Also, there was a point where Jake (NW) grabbed the microphone and started yelling at Sig as a joke like "I'm tired of your bullshit! I'm going to get my own boat! You treat me like crap, you can suck my dick!!!" and Sig was like "FINALLY! You grew a pair! You just became a man".

But for all the amazingness, there were some awkward moments/people too. Like the crazy lady in her 50s who had bleached blond dreadlocks and a tattooed portrait of Captain Phil and the Cornelia Marie on her arm. Or the girl who stood up during question time and yelled "What the fuck is wrong with you Keith? How is stealing Johnathan's crew okay in your mind?" The crowd booed her, Keith and Johnathan hugged. I walked by her later and saw she was wearing a Twilight shirt *snickers*.

BUT my favorite part of the whole day was getting to meet Sig!!!! So I when I had my chance, I asked if he remembered the shout out from the bunch of college girls and he said "yeah, those crazy girls in Atlanta". Then I told him I was the one that called in with my friends and he called me "the sweetest little thing" (which is funny because I'm pretty sure I'm taller and bigger than him.. he's kind of scrawny) and said he couldn't believe he got to meet me because that shout out made him laugh so hard and he was glad to put a face with the voice. I seriously just about died when Edgar chimed in "yeah, that was pretty funny". BEST moment ever. I was ssssoooo geekily excited that he 'knew' who I was.

On my way out I was bummed that I didn't get to meet Wild Bill, the wildcard captain they brought in their season, who I actually really like. He's got really nice hair for someone his age and I wanted to ask what type of hair product he used. So I was walking outside, by myself as everyone was still in the convention hall, when the side door opened and someone bumped into me. It was Wild Bill trying to sneak out early! He apologized and I blurted out "I wanted to ask you during the open question time what type of hair product you use!". He laughed and said "I am so glad you didn't get to ask that because I would have gotten so much shit from the other guys." He said he used normal store bought shampoo and let it air dry. I guess he just has nice hair. Then he posed in a picture with me and gave me a hug.

All in all, it was a great day!

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