February 9th, 2010


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So, somewhere between my last day of work and now, Snowmaggeddon happened. After sticking a measuring tape in the snow, I found the smallest drifts were 19" and the largest were 35". It was fun walking the dogs because Biscuit was just loving it and digging tunnels and jumping in piles but Hastings just gave me a look that said "uhh... what the fuck is this?". He tried to follow Biscuit but where she has the magic touch of staying on top of snow, he sinks. He came out as a giant white fluffy snowball and pretty much won't go near it ever since.

But now we're at Snomaggeddon part 2, and it started 2 hours ago and we're already at 3 inches. Ugh. I hope the power doesn't go out again. But at least it has covered the insane amount of yellow snow in the yard....

If I don't have to work tomorrow, I'm going into DC with my sled and sledding down the Lincoln memorial. Apparently its been designated the best 'hill' along with the National Art Gallery. If she doesn't have class, perhaps I can convince Esther to go with me. Also, I find it alarming that while watching school and business closings scroll on tv, that one was "FEDERAL GOVERNMENT-CLOSED"... I hope no one picks this week to invade. Lol, somewhere in Russian, Putin is going "yes, its the perfect time and weather conditions- I'll give you a cold war!"... Yeah, that's how bored I am.

Also, I need to start exercising because I'm starting to get fatter... and I don't want to bring the dishonor.... or as my mother says "You never gonna get husband because you fat!"
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