January 16th, 2010

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Work has been interesting lately. Yesterday I was going through this random pile of stuff that a woman dropped off and she didn't know what any of it was and didn't care about any of it. While indeed most of it was junk that we put into the 'donate' pile, I found a cartridge that goes into an antique turn table that is selling on ebay from $500-1000. That's a hefty chunk of change for a 'junk' pile.

Thankfully this job has given me a huge insight into antiques, china, and collectibles, and in particular- what sells and what does not sell. This is hugely helpful as I plan to continue doing this type of work in Seattle, but for myself instead of someone else. It means a lot of yardsale and antique store/ flea market runs, but thats a okay with me.

Biscuit and Hastings are both sick. They are on antibiotics and already looking up, but at night they want snuggles, and Hastings has literally been sleeping in my arms like a teddy bear. He's very warm and fluffy, so its okay with me.

Move time to Seattle has been moved up and I leave March 18th for the long drive across the country. It's not too bad as I've done it twice before. I've already started classes at Green River and I'm the only girl in both of my classes. Agnes has definately made me feel like I'm up on a pedestal because in our class discussions I always feel like everyone is an idiot... which they are as they clearly are not thinking out their answers.

Speaking of Agnes, one of our customers (an adorable old man named Chet) saw my ring today and launched into a story about how he taught at Emory during the 70s and taught at Agnes for a semester. His mother, sister, and both nieces went to Agnes and his oldest niece has his mother's ring, so instead of getting a new one at the ring ceremony, she had her class year put under her grandmothers and hopes her daughter will continue the trend. I thought that was awesome.

Okay, I'm off to give my puppies some snuggles and hold them because they fall asleep and feel comfortable when I do and I want them to get better.
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