'Marien (ladysilmarien) wrote,

... I suck at posting apparently. So in a quick rundown:
- End of semester was fine, but I haven't checked my grades yet so I'm praying I passed as AVIA course minimums are between a 3.0-3.5 depending on the class and they have a weird grading scale.
- I have a cold. Yay
- I offered my services for the Purple Dove Project. I was more than shocked when Hayden, my Singaporean fan boy, bought my comission, but was shocked to discover he paid $150 for it. It's a handwritten copy of a WtWR short story. I added a few extra stories for him as I was really happy he bought it. I also received another commission, but I need to have 50,000 words done by the end of the year for her to pay up so I've been working my poor fingers to the bone.
- I got the Barcelona jersey I wanted as well as an antique book on the history of rum from my parents as well as the usual lot of money. We're not really that big on gift giving as we don't really do the Christmas thing and if we ever want something, we usually just get it then and don't have to wait. Daniel and I got Dad the Blu-Ray of Master and Commander (his favorite movie) as well as this awesome commodore hat with a white wig for him to wear while wearing it. Lol, it's hilarious
- Classes start in a week. 3 more months and then I'll probably never have to take another college class again. This is both scary and nice to think about.

And now I'm off to watch soccer ^_^
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