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Stress Post!

I'm stressed, but for stupid reasons. Ahhhh!!! Here's a list. Oh jesus, if I keep yelling like this, I'm going to start writing a Friday Rage list. AHHHH!!!!

1.) Flight plans! I have a giant flight plan test for my Dispatch class. Flight planing is exactly what it sounds like- a giant fucking headache! It takes between 1-2 hours to complete one depending on penalties that the airplanes have in the MEL/CDL and the weather conditions. Seriously, I didn't realize that it took so long to plot out what course an airplane take. I have to know weather conditions and minimums, aircraft operating systems, airport runway weight limits and wind components, and there are like 50million math problems to work out. Grrrr! Oh, plus plotting the damned course too, which takes forever as you need to plot at least one weight point every 50 miles and when your course is NYC to SEA it takes a while. Yay for mileage, time, and fuel calculations for each leg too.

2.) ATC 1&2 tests. I have 5 tests to make up in these classes within the next 4 days. Since I was sick a week and then we didn't have class last week due to snow, I'm totally fucked.

3.) EL CLASICO!!! Only the biggest sporting rivalry ever (yeah, that's right Yankees/Boston, Ohio/Michigan, and everyone else, there are bigger rivalries that multiple countries are interested in). If Barca loses to Real, I will hang myself with my Barca scarf. AHHHHHHH!!!! Everyone on my soccer team is a Madrid fan and I'm the only Cule and if I have to listen to them talk about how awesome Madrid is, I'll stab them all!!!! AHHHHH!!!! Oh look, my hair is falling out

4.) Life in general! I'm moving back to Washington DC the last week of March because my parents cut me off! Yay! Now I get to go back to the evil pit of doom and find a government job, wear all black, spend an hour a day running, and have a general pissed off look at all time. Yay to be a mindless drone who lives in DC

5.) I'm going to Puerto Rico to tour the CERAP and Tower in San Juan because I want to live somewhere foreign but still have the comforts of home. Ergo San Juan is the perfect choice because its like another country, but it's still part of the US and there's COSTCO there. I should probably brush up on my Spanish. My mom's reaction to this was "But how will you get married?" Nope, there are no men in Puerto Rico mom, only women.

And now, back to procrastinating! Yay slash!
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