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... I suck at posting apparently. So in a quick rundown:
- End of semester was fine, but I haven't checked my grades yet so I'm praying I passed as AVIA course minimums are between a 3.0-3.5 depending on the class and they have a weird grading scale.
- I have a cold. Yay
- I offered my services for the Purple Dove Project. I was more than shocked when Hayden, my Singaporean fan boy, bought my comission, but was shocked to discover he paid $150 for it. It's a handwritten copy of a WtWR short story. I added a few extra stories for him as I was really happy he bought it. I also received another commission, but I need to have 50,000 words done by the end of the year for her to pay up so I've been working my poor fingers to the bone.
- I got the Barcelona jersey I wanted as well as an antique book on the history of rum from my parents as well as the usual lot of money. We're not really that big on gift giving as we don't really do the Christmas thing and if we ever want something, we usually just get it then and don't have to wait. Daniel and I got Dad the Blu-Ray of Master and Commander (his favorite movie) as well as this awesome commodore hat with a white wig for him to wear while wearing it. Lol, it's hilarious
- Classes start in a week. 3 more months and then I'll probably never have to take another college class again. This is both scary and nice to think about.

And now I'm off to watch soccer ^_^

Stress Post!

I'm stressed, but for stupid reasons. Ahhhh!!! Here's a list. Oh jesus, if I keep yelling like this, I'm going to start writing a Friday Rage list. AHHHH!!!!

1.) Flight plans! I have a giant flight plan test for my Dispatch class. Flight planing is exactly what it sounds like- a giant fucking headache! It takes between 1-2 hours to complete one depending on penalties that the airplanes have in the MEL/CDL and the weather conditions. Seriously, I didn't realize that it took so long to plot out what course an airplane take. I have to know weather conditions and minimums, aircraft operating systems, airport runway weight limits and wind components, and there are like 50million math problems to work out. Grrrr! Oh, plus plotting the damned course too, which takes forever as you need to plot at least one weight point every 50 miles and when your course is NYC to SEA it takes a while. Yay for mileage, time, and fuel calculations for each leg too.

2.) ATC 1&2 tests. I have 5 tests to make up in these classes within the next 4 days. Since I was sick a week and then we didn't have class last week due to snow, I'm totally fucked.

3.) EL CLASICO!!! Only the biggest sporting rivalry ever (yeah, that's right Yankees/Boston, Ohio/Michigan, and everyone else, there are bigger rivalries that multiple countries are interested in). If Barca loses to Real, I will hang myself with my Barca scarf. AHHHHHHH!!!! Everyone on my soccer team is a Madrid fan and I'm the only Cule and if I have to listen to them talk about how awesome Madrid is, I'll stab them all!!!! AHHHHH!!!! Oh look, my hair is falling out

4.) Life in general! I'm moving back to Washington DC the last week of March because my parents cut me off! Yay! Now I get to go back to the evil pit of doom and find a government job, wear all black, spend an hour a day running, and have a general pissed off look at all time. Yay to be a mindless drone who lives in DC

5.) I'm going to Puerto Rico to tour the CERAP and Tower in San Juan because I want to live somewhere foreign but still have the comforts of home. Ergo San Juan is the perfect choice because its like another country, but it's still part of the US and there's COSTCO there. I should probably brush up on my Spanish. My mom's reaction to this was "But how will you get married?" Nope, there are no men in Puerto Rico mom, only women.

And now, back to procrastinating! Yay slash!
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I'm back from my journey back home. It was great to see friends and talk to people who don't make me feel like stabbing myself in the eye. Seeing my family.... well, that wasn't so great, but whatever. Aside from time in the car, I don't think my mom and I spent more than an hour together. I was also sick for the last five days I was there. Yay for pollen giving me sinus infections.

But speaking of sinus infections and the realization that living at home means living with my mom, I am now reconsidering when I'm going to move back to DC. My health has been amazing since I've moved here. There are none of the allergens or pollutants in the air in Seattle that flair up my sinus. In fact, this has probably been the longest I've gone without an infection. I'm also at the gym more often and spend more time with my dogs. There is more to do, and as an outdoorsy person, I love the hiking, skiing, surfing, camping, and everything else that I can do here. When I'm done with my program, I can get a job at REI, Costco, or Amazon as they are all headquartered out here as is Boeing, Starbucks, and Microsoft. So yeah, job really isn't a problem.

On the negative side, I have no friends here. I have people in the program I hang out with, but I don't like them. They're not very bright and just not the quality/class of people that I like to associate with. This is not a comment on socio-economic standing but rather as to how they act and how they treat others. Unfortunately we have all of the same classes, but thankfully I don't have to see them outside of class. I am actually considering turning one of them into the head of the program for cheating. She cheated on every test in out 128 class and I do not want her controlling airspace if she can't pass a class on her own.

Okay, enough with my bitching. I have to go get ready- our first soccer game is tonight and I get to sit on the bench as I am still sick. At least I get to stare at soccer boys since we're in the coed league
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Sorry, I'm apparently shitty at updating.

1.) Classes are finally over. Lots of a drama involved at the end of the quarter with one class, but fuck it, I did my part and we got an A in the class. Green river has a shitty grading system where to get a 4.0, you need to have a 99-100% in the class. So my quarter gpa of 3.94 is because I had two 99% and two 98%. So yeah, a 96% is only a 3.6 or some bullshit. Whatever, I don't care. The FAA doesn't look at my grades, only my AT-SAT and GRCC recommendation.

2.) My personal trainer is kicking my ass. I'm going to be limping the next few days. I finally found a good trainer, but she's moving to Denver in two weeks :( I am sad and now must begin the long process of finding a new one. So PT 2x a week, cycling 5x, and soccer practice 2x is a long week. I mean, its not too harsh, but its definitely more than I'm used to. Hopefully I'll see results soon. Oh, and my soccer team is crazy. I thought we were going to be a namby pamby sit around and talk team. Oh no, Joe has us running these damn sprints and I'm working with a keeper coach and dear god, I never want a teenage boy to shoot a ball at me as hard as he can again! Hopefully the weather will cool down too because last practice was at 3 on a fake grass field (ie that black sand shit that made it hotter), and it was 96 degrees out. Booooo

3.) Hastings results came back and drama llama has been adverted. He is 75% Pomeranian and 25% Min Pin. I think the Min Pin part explains his dislike of other dogs. Doesn't explain why he's the laziest yet cuddliest dog ever.

4.) I'll be in DC September 8th-17th. Yay! I cannot wait to cook and consume animal souls. Mmmmm I drool just thinking about it. I am sooooo sick of tofu. I get all vomit-y feeling just looking at it.

5.) I am a little concerned about what I'll be doing in DC until I go to OKC for ATC school. The wait is 1 year+ right now and that makes me worried. I want to get a decent paying government job while I'm there, but at the same time, when my back round check is run, they'll see I have an open bid with the FAA and that's probably going to hurt my chances of getting a job. Grrrrr. Also, my parents don't want me living for them for a prolonged period of time, so I'll need to find an apartment. I think that's ridiculous as they know I'll be gone for 1.5 months in Spain and then 3 months in OKC. Arg!

6.) I need a new fandom to read because I seriously think I've exhausted all good fanfics in the ST:TOS and HP fandoms... and the LotR fandom. Ugh. Well, I could try the HP fandom again but all the good writers disappeared so most of it is shit.

Okay, I'm going to sleep. Cycling tomorrow morning. Yes! Soccer practice Saturday and then I get Sunday off. Wooooooo. Oh! And the ren faire is Sunday, and Lori and I are going. Yay!
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1.) I've been cycling 3-5 times a week and on a calorie restricted diet. Don't know if it's made a difference in the month that it's been going on, but on Tuesday I start my personal training sessions of doom. Ugh. Hopefully I will be in better shape soon. Especially since we got another soccer coach and now its going to be hell. Joy.

2.) The sun has come. Yay. Unfortunately, I'm normally in class while its out so I'm still pasty. Boo.

3.) Might kill my aunt. Which is horrible to say as she is nice enough to let me stay with her and I love her, but seriously, this vegan and 'I know everything about health' bullshit needs to stop. The maniacal evil elf/goblin laugh needs to stop too.

4.) I've slowly begun buying gear for my sojourn across Spain. I'm not sure if I want to go next May or next September. Luckily, I don't think the ticket there will be over $700, especially if I fly a last minute special. Since the alburgues (pilgrim hostels) are subsidized by the Spanish government and the Catholic Church, total food+lodging cost will be under $900. Yay! Anyone want to take 35 days off from whatever they do and join me in a back packing adventure starting in France, crossing the Pyrenees, and crossing Spain? My parents are kicking money my way for this as I've been bugging them about doing it since I was 15.

5.) I'm worried that with the FAA's ATC age extension and the jam up of trainees, that it might be up to 2 years after I graduate from GRCC with my AT-CTI before I get to a Tower/Tracon. *headdesk* Likewise, I'm applying to graduate school so I have something to do for those two years. If I'm sitting around, I might as well get another degree. Either that or I'll get a random government job and just bid my time.

I'm off to shower so that I don't smell like bug spray. Fucking mosquitoes. There's five of the little buggers in this part of the state but I still manage to get bit by them.
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A Dream

Okay, so you can call me crazy (although I'm sure most of you already think I am crazy), but St James appeared to me in a dream last night. At least, I'm pretty sure it was Saint James, but I do suppose it could have been someone else. Before I went to bed last night, I decided that instead of my normal nighttime prayer ritual (betcha didn't know I pray before I go to sleep every night as part of my meditation), I decided to read one of the Homeric Hymms aloud (the first one to Athena). So feeling all good and at peace and whatnot, I drifted off into this crazy dream:
So I'm sitting in my highschool TOK classroom, reading Coehlo's "The Pilgrimage", when I realize no one else is there except this man. He doesn't have to introduce himself, because somehow, I know that he is St. James. He tells me that I'm looking for something and I will find it if I complete the Way of St James (El Camino Santiago de Compostela). Apparently whatever it is, will give me a clearer view of life and I will feel whole. I told him that it wasn't possible because I didn't have the money and it was a dream (I realized I was dreaming?) and on top of that, I didn't believe him. Then he told me he would send me a sign- and when Spain won the World Cup, I would know he was telling the truth. I agreed, and then woke up feeling like I hadn't actually been asleep and that he had been in my room.
I proceeded to turn on my laptop and get on the internets, and the first page I normally check is the updates of all the blogs I read. The first article was about El Camino and St James and nearly had an anuerism. And now Spain has won the World Cup. I guess I better start saving for next summer. On top of that, I read an article a few hours ago on a seperate blog where a few of the players said that if they won the WC, they would take El Camino.

Coincidence or fate? I'm taking a nap, maybe he'll show up and clarify things for me. *snort* and maybe show me where the moolah is for me to get to Spain and pay for Albergues for a month.
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shut up and fish

Randomness and a Racoon Puppet

1.) Soccer has dominated my life since the WC started. Its a good thing though.
2.) I started doing cycling/spinning classes 4 times a week. If you've never done one before, I suggest it. Stick through it past the first week of vag/ass- pain. It's the best workout I've ever had.
3.) I decided that while the West Coast is beautiful, I can't deal with 3 seasons of gray and one half season of sun. I'm moving back to Virginia in March when I am done with ATC CTI school and asking for a tower or tracon there.
4.) So I'm in bio lab this semester (bc I'm being nice and taking it with Eric so he won't have to take it alone) and my lab group is me, Eric, Russell, and Brandon. Russell is 30 years old, asks stupid questions that he normally answers while asking in an attempt to make him sound smarter and just makes him into a bigger douche, and also walks around with a raccoon puppet on his head. Yes, a puppet. He is 30 and he talks about 'curtis' like he is alive and has feelings. He even went so far as to get snippy with our professor when she asked him to put 'curtis' away for our lab yesterday. I'm going to fucking punch the raccoon off his head and throw it in the garbage.
Now Brandon on the other hand is probably about the same age, from Vietnam (doesn't speak English well), and is either slow or mentally delayed or whatever the PC term is for it. He thinks Eric and I are geniuses and is very slow in completing work, which is irritating because we can't leave until everyone is done. But while he does have delays and obviously does not speak English well, I give him credit because he is in school and trying his hardest to learn despite the challenges he faces. So yesterday, when we had lab, he couldn't find his lab packet (bc the bookstore sold him one that wasn't properly arranged, like someone had shuffled all the pages of two different packets together randomly) and Russell (raccoon boy) yelled at him for being incompetent and said he wouldn't help him go through his lab packet and find all the pages. This led to snuffles coming from Brandon (which nearly made me cry because the guy really does try, he's just slow), so I had to get up from my microscope where Eric and I were trying to find a Daphnia's heart beat, and help Brandon because RACCOON boy was on his high horse. It took ME 30 minutes to find all the pages of the lab because that's how fucked up it was, while Brandon was profusely thanking me in broken English and sniffling because he was so upset. Now he follows me around like a kicked puppy and while I am happy to help, it makes me angry that someone sold him a bad lab packet and that people are so mean to him. I think it irks me because Mom doesn't speak English well and if anyone treated her like people treat Brandon, I would be up in arms about it. Poor guy. I seriously get teary eyed thinking about it. Then I think of all the assholes who are born here who have access to education and just blow it off like it doesn't matter and here's this guy who obviously saved a lot of money to come here and study and get a good education and people treat him like shit. He's under enough pressure from being in a foreign country and being slow, he doesn't need rude people on top of it. Next person who is mean to him is getting a punch in the face from me.
So to make matters worse, Russell (raccoon r-tard) thinks he's Gods gift to Earth and talks about how smart he is. He can't get his fucking microscope to focus on his spirogyra and works on it for 15 minutes. I finally snapped at him and told him I would do it (never mind sorting through Brandon's lab, and doing my own assigned slides) and it literally took me 30 seconds. But now Raccoon guy thinks I like him because I helped him and when I take a break to go to the bathroom, he follows me into the hall and asks me on a fucking date!!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!?!?!?!? I told him he wasn't my type... while glaring daggers at him and I think I probably snarled at him.

Sorry for the rant, but it really upset me. I'm going to swim now and burn off some anger.
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Really really long ass post

Life is pretty boring. Its mostly get up, go slave away on the stairmaster, go swim, go to class, come home, play videogames/ walk dogs/ yell at mom/ etc. But every once in a while there is an amazing day. LIKE YESTERDAY!!!!

So I'll admit, its a bit nerdy of my to admit that I went to CatchCon alone (the convention for Deadliest Catch), but I don't care. There were about 500 people there and it was AWESOME. I got to meet all of the Captains and a bunch of the crew members. The Wizard and the Northwestern were both docked outside, so we got to go on a tour of them. The Captains and the Crews both did panels and they were as funny as stand up comedians. I think my favorite was when Josh was talking about the relationship between his father (Oh Phil, how I miss thee :( ) and the camera man (Stanley) on their boat and called them an old married couple and he would literally run into fights like this:
Stanley: Fine! I don't want to make TV right now when you're acting like this! I'm going to my room. We're not going to make TV until you stop!
Phil: I don't want to make TV with you right now either!
(A few hours later, in the kitchen, where Phil is moping)
Josh: What's wrong Dad?
Phil: I think Stanley is mad at me. He doesn't want to talk to me.

It was nice to hear funny stories about Phil. There were more, but I don't want to rant and type forever. Also, there was a point where Jake (NW) grabbed the microphone and started yelling at Sig as a joke like "I'm tired of your bullshit! I'm going to get my own boat! You treat me like crap, you can suck my dick!!!" and Sig was like "FINALLY! You grew a pair! You just became a man".

But for all the amazingness, there were some awkward moments/people too. Like the crazy lady in her 50s who had bleached blond dreadlocks and a tattooed portrait of Captain Phil and the Cornelia Marie on her arm. Or the girl who stood up during question time and yelled "What the fuck is wrong with you Keith? How is stealing Johnathan's crew okay in your mind?" The crowd booed her, Keith and Johnathan hugged. I walked by her later and saw she was wearing a Twilight shirt *snickers*.

BUT my favorite part of the whole day was getting to meet Sig!!!! So I when I had my chance, I asked if he remembered the shout out from the bunch of college girls and he said "yeah, those crazy girls in Atlanta". Then I told him I was the one that called in with my friends and he called me "the sweetest little thing" (which is funny because I'm pretty sure I'm taller and bigger than him.. he's kind of scrawny) and said he couldn't believe he got to meet me because that shout out made him laugh so hard and he was glad to put a face with the voice. I seriously just about died when Edgar chimed in "yeah, that was pretty funny". BEST moment ever. I was ssssoooo geekily excited that he 'knew' who I was.

On my way out I was bummed that I didn't get to meet Wild Bill, the wildcard captain they brought in their season, who I actually really like. He's got really nice hair for someone his age and I wanted to ask what type of hair product he used. So I was walking outside, by myself as everyone was still in the convention hall, when the side door opened and someone bumped into me. It was Wild Bill trying to sneak out early! He apologized and I blurted out "I wanted to ask you during the open question time what type of hair product you use!". He laughed and said "I am so glad you didn't get to ask that because I would have gotten so much shit from the other guys." He said he used normal store bought shampoo and let it air dry. I guess he just has nice hair. Then he posed in a picture with me and gave me a hug.

All in all, it was a great day!

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I realize that I don't write too often, so now I'm attempting to remedy that. I took Biscuit and Hastings to the dog park today for an hour so they've been passed out for the past three hours and probably will be until tomorrow morning.

I started my program here in Seattle and while the content is good, the people aren't really. Now, the people in general are good its just a few people that I have to deal with. Like the guy who doesn't believe an evolution and thinks being a Pagan comes from abortion, drugs, and promiscuity. Then the ex army girl who got a medical discharge for a dumb reason so she wouldn't have to go to Iraq, but it taking advantage of the GI Bill and some disability pay despite only 1.5 years in the military. But the mormon guy (with FOUR kids) and the girl with the Neurobiology degree are cool. Oh, and I get to fly an airplane next week. Yeah, a real airplane.

When I received news that Beachams dad passed away last week, I went into a bit of a moody/emo panic mode. I didn't know what to do- whether I should text, send a card, play the ignorance 3000 mile away card or what. Then I remembered when Tommy died- how none of my friends addressed it and how I was supposed to be okay by the next day. The pain supposedly fades, but it never has. I wish I would have had a friend to stick by me then. I called Stone to ask to spend a night or two, then I packed a bag and got to the airport at 2am. After waiting a few hours, getting to Phoenix, and then waiting another few hours for a flight to open up, I final got to Atlanta.

I think that's when I realized how awesome my friends are and how much they mean to me. It made me feel horribly guilty though- I was there to support a friend at a time of need yet at the same time I was so happy to get to spend a few days with the women that I view as my family. We fight, we argue (often over really stupid stuff), but when it comes down to it, we still love each other and are there for eachother.

The funeral was nice... except apparently learning that peoples most important decision in life to is accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior so that they can go to heaven... I don't know where Pagans and everyone else go, but I hope there's alcohol and a pool. I hope when it is my turn to pass, there are as many people saying nice things about me and recanting funny stories as there were for Mr. Beacham.

And now I'm back, in a beautiful place, but horribly alone (well, I got Ding and Dong, but they can't talk so it doesn't count). I managed to get hit while crossing the street with Biscuit today by the high school. This stupid teenager was texting and didn't even bother to get out of her car once she saw I was okay. Of course, that pissed me off to no end, so I got in front of her car so she couldn't drive off. She rolled down the window (didn't even get out of the fucking car), just kind of looked at me blankly, so I reached into her car, grabbed her phone, and threw it as hard as I could at the ground. Then, to make my point, I stomped on in and ground it. She had the gall to call me a bitch and burst into tears (for ruining her social life, no doubt), and I yelled something to the effect of "Tell your mom what happened to your phone and see if she buys you a new one". Dumb bitch. Had she actually hurt me, I would have called the cops and sued for all that she was worth. But it was more of a tap and now she can't text. Until she gets a new phone that is.

Okay, that's the end of my ramblings. I have a world (of warcraft) to save
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